Charley B. a participé au Forum international de Weimar organisé par le PEJ Allemagne du 28 août au 2 septembre 2011.Il a pu bénéficier d’un soutien financier pour son voyage de la part du Fonds de mobilité du PEJ-France.

Before starting this report I should maybe introduce myself. I’m Charley B, french delegate, in the AFET II committee. I live in a small town next to Grenoble, Rhône-Alpes and I’m 17. This session was my second one and it definitively won’t be my last one. I wanted to attend this session because I really enjoyed the last one and because I wanted to participate to an international forum of EYP. More of that, I feel really concerned about the european stakes and it also was a good way to speak English some days before starting classes again.

The point was that the trip was really expensive despite the 100€ gave for it. So I asked for the mobility fund and I was really excited and thankful when I learned it was given to me.

Before starting this report I want to apologize because I don’t own a camera so I can’t put pictures in it and because I don’t speak a good english.

Arrival : August 27th

Just like most of the french delegates, I arrived in Weimar one day before the session started. After leaving our luggages in our rooms some German delegates took us for a walk in Weimar. We were able to see that it is a really beautiful city and that german people are night birds (there were an open market with music and lots of people in the streets.)

I met Andreas Weinhut, a member of AFET II, a roomate and one of my closest friend during the session. After the walk in Weimar we went back to our rooms where I could meet my other roomate, Igor Kalota, another real nice and funny guy, member of AFET II.

First day of the session : August 28th : We were waken-up at 7 am by an official and went in the dinning hall in order to have a breakfast.
After the breakfast, we fulfilled all the forms, official documents and unofficial ones too (like the triangle of love form, which was really funny). We were able to meet the others delegations and to see that the journos were really funny : one came to us and introduced himself as a reporter for a TV called something like « biblical german TV ».

He asked us what we where thinking about the influence of catholic Church in this event. We were really annoyed because we had no ideas what to answer and then he said it was a joke. The general tone was given.

Then we went for the lunch and then the team building started. We played games such as « the ninja game » or « the chicken game » to get to know each other in order to build a strong team. It worked quite well : after the team building of this day and the day after, we were a strong and cooperating team.

After this afternoon of team building was one of my favourite moments in the EYP : the Eurovillage. It was really good, especially the tables from Poland and Germany. I was able to eat things I’m not used to (which is what the Eurovillage aims at) and we had a good time so it can be considerated as a success. To end this day, there were the Europarty, first party of all the great parties we had during this stay in Weimar. It was a really good moment, we all had a lot of fun, dancing and meeting new people.

Second day of the session : August 29th

After the wake up call that sounded like an atomic war (it was made with some kind of a drum) and the breakfast, we had one hour and a half of teambuilding and we started the biggest part of the EYP work : the committee work.

In the AFET II committee, our topic was : « Military operations or democracy assistance in Lybia : How should actions for analogue conflicts be coordinated and regulated within the EU ? » which is a real interesting topic. We had different points of view within the committee but after long hours of discussion we finally had the most important points of our resolution.

The main problems we had to go through were the eventual split of the NATO if an european army were founded and as it’s often the case in the AFET committees, the sovereignty of the member states. We managed with this by saying that the NATO could intervene with our european military force like in a partnership and a vote between the member state should allow (or not) but not impose a member state to get involved in a military intervention.

After this work, was the speech by the German minister of State but I didn’t see it because I can‟t speak german at all. Then was the award ceremony of the Adam-Mickiewicz-Price. There was a very intersting discussion between the 3 minister of foreign affairs (Poland) and politicians who signed the Weimar triangle treaty about the EU and the Weimar triangle. After this was a great episode of Triangle Toast TV and another great party.

Third day of session : 30th August

After the usual wake up call (this time made with an Ukulele) we had a committee work where we kept debating about our resolution, following the work that had already been done and we started thinking about which terms we were going to employ to redact it.

This work took us the most part of the committee work time but at the end we almost had every terms we were going to employ for the formal redaction. Then were the dinner, and we could know what was the “triangle of love form” was for. The officials had organized a blind-dating session by making the forms match. It was really funny ! My date was a polish girl called Alessandra and we had a real good time together, speaking about our respective lifes. Then another great TTTV show and a party.

Fourth day of session : August 31th

This day began the same way than the previous ones. After the breakfast, we added the very last points to our resolution and made some games, in order to wake us up (we were all sleepy). Then we had a lunch and we were supposed to meet a politican but he couldn’t come so an official came and explained us how the General Assembly will be like, how to use our posters and what kind of speeches we will have to pronounce.

We decided what speeches or round of question everyone of us will have to answer or will have to pronounce (I choose the open debate) and then was something I really loved : the cultural programme. It was about seeing the most famous monuments of Weimar, read something about their history and accomplish a task related to it.

For example, we had to built a miniature of a famous castle that burned with random things we found in the park and then burn it, just like the original. We also had to pretend we wanted to buy Goethe’s house (a museum now) and the director almost punched us because we said we wanted a whole bathroom (on the paper it was written that this house only had half one).

Then, we went home, started preparing our respective speeches and there was the committee dinner. We went to a really cool restaurant where I could taste the famous “apfelstrudel” (which is really good).

Fifth day of session : September 1st

This day, when we went in the dinning hall, the atmosphere wasn‟t the same. Something had changed. Everybody looked focused, pensive because this day was D-day, the GA day. Everybody had work a lot on his committee resolution and we were upon to see what would happen. The GA was officially opened at 8:30 am.

The debates were really very interesting. I learned a lot of things and now I think that I’m ready for my school lessons about U.E ! All the resolutions passed except ours. We were a little disappointed but it’s part of the EYP. The next one will pass ! At the end, the traditional EYP ending song was played : Imagine by John Lennon. Everybody’s was moving on the beat and whispered the lyrics it was both sad and magic. After this was probably the greatest party of my life, even if it tasted bittersweet (it was the farewell party).

Last session day : September 2nd

Departure day. Really sad day actually. The worse thing in EYP is probably the fact that it has to end. Everybody started to feel the EYP and we promised to everyone to keep in touch and to meet again in the next international session. After a ridiculously long trip I was home.

Now and after a reflection I can tell that this session has given a lot to me. I met awesome people that I will never forget, I made new friends who have the same interest in politic than me and who, like me, care about the European Union. I learned such a lot of things, I met some famous politicians that I only had hear of before. For all that, I can only say a big

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For had given to me the opportunity to participate to this awesome session by according me the fund. Again, thank you and meet in the next EYP session !!

Charley B.