icolas, originaire de Villefranche sur Saône (69) a participé au Forum Jeunesse du Danube qui a eu lieu en mai dernier à Novi Sad en Serbie. Il a pu participer à cet évènement grâce au soutien financier du Fonds de mobilité du PEJ-France.



Guillaume and I arrived in Belgrade airport around 3 pm , after a wake up around 5:30 am in the morning and many hours in some planes, some fresh and different air feels good.

We arrived approximatly at the same time as the Dutch delegation , that’s why we took the bus together. This trip in bus was really nice and interesting because it’s the first contact that we had with other EYPers. After nearly 1 hour and a half of bus , we arrived in Sremski Karlovci , which is a sort of « borough » of Novi Sad. After putting our suitcases in some place near the hotel , we each joined our committees and mine, which was ITRE, was great from the beginning until the end.

After the teambuilding , we went back to the hotel and we went in the rooms to take a shower and to fresh up. We after went to eat and it’s the beginning of the evening, after, of course the Opening ceremony in the school where we did the committee works.

Later on, we went back to the hotel for the welcome party. And nearly 1:00 am, in the morning ,we went to sleep, for a disserved sleep.



The wake up call was not done and I had nearly 15 minutes to do all I had to do (including shower , bag , breakfast). After that, we went to « central park », which is a national park and we had a day of Teambuilding.

Later on, we went to the other hotel and we prepared the famous « Eurovillage ». It was quite funny because the French delegation was the most disorganized one. Only Guillaume and I had concretely some food to put on our stand. But it worked greatly and the typical French dress composed of Marcel T-shirts and some espadrilles put a touch of class on our stand.



This day marked the beginning of committee work. My ITRE committee was great and we managed to work in a great way and hopefully our resolution passed .

Around 8:00 pm, after a day of work, we went back to the hotel to change ourselves for the EYP café which we did in a great café !



After a busy evening and hard wake up, committee work went back again. Around 3:30 pm, after committee work and GA preparation, and a quick change and fresh up at the hotel, we visited Novi Sad. It is a really nice place and the life style looks quite cool and good.
Around 7:00 pm, we had a conference about Serbia’s place into the EU, done by a women which worked in the German Embassy in Serbia. Even if it was long , it was really interesting.

After , each committee went into a different restaurant and had committee dinner. Our restaurant was the best ever ! We finally had some hot food. Indeed, sandwiches and pizzas were the only dishes served during this event.

And to finish this great evening , we had the Euroconcert in a big room in the hotel.

The Sweden and the Dutch delegation each performed and it was really funny to hear some Swedish sing « dancing queen » from ABBA or some Dutch girls singing typical Dutch rap.



On this last day, Post EYP depression started from the morning with the last Serbian meal.
The entire French delegation did not participate to the GA because our flights were quite early and the transfer to Belgrade airport is quite long too.

After dozens of hugs to say goodbye, we went to take our bus and it was, for me, the end of probably one of my best EYP trip ever.

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